Last Updated: May - 14 - 2021


Despite being one of the smaller names in the antivirus protection industry, TotalAV handily manages to nail a near-perfect balance of value for money. By including excellent virus protection capabilities, numerous advanced features and a wonderfully attractive and well-executed user interface, TotalAV has emerged as one the strongest contenders for your attention, proving that the race towards the best antivirus solution is far from over. However, not all is perfect – a long antivirus scan time and install process are not ideal, but hardly unheard-of in today’s windows 10 antivirus market.

Value For Money

In terms of windows 10 antivirus programs, TotalAV punches above its weight by providing a truly impressive set of features. Once installed, TotalAV will effectively scan your computer for threats while providing an easily-understood report. Additionally, it will scan the deeper layers of your system and offer noticeable boosts to your computer’s performance. TotalAV offers both paid and free virus protection, though the paid version’s impressive value is hard to deny. Compared to other antivirus apps, TotalAV delivers excellent value for money thanks to a truly impressive suite of additional antivirus features.

Customer Service

While TotalAV’s richness in features is truly impressive, it’s the company’s customer service that makes this antivirus software an excellent choice. There are multiple ways to contact customer service, including instant chat with an expert – an invaluable capability for those seeking an immediate solution to any technical of billing issue. Luckily, this standout feature is available at no additional cost, giving some of the best antivirus software providers a run for their money. Once contacted, you’ll find TotalAV’s support staff welcoming, courteous and very helpful, earning TotalAV an exceptionally high score in customer care.


Simply put, TotalAV offers exceptional features for its price. With both automatic and manual virus protection available, as well as system tune-up and adware prevention, your virus protection needs will be easily covered. TotalAV also includes a free VPN, allowing you to easily encrypt and protect your internet usage from any prying eyes with a simple press of a button. Overall, TotalAV’s list of features tick all the right boxes, offering highly effective virus protection with a slew of additional features that make this an excellent choice for those seeking the best virus protection available.

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