Last Updated: May - 15 - 2021


As one of the most easily-recognized brands in antivirus protection, McAfee has been safeguarding our computers since the 90s when it rose to the very top of the antivirus protection industry. Owned today by Intel Security Group, McAfee continues to offer top-of-the-line antivirus software backed by nearly 30 years of experience. Today, McAfee offers one of the most complete antivirus solutions in the market, covering all of your security needs across multiple devices. McAfee has been exceptionally popular with large organizations that require the very best protection available, proving that McAfee never lost its edge.

Value For Money

If you’re looking for the best value for money in the market, look no further than McAfee. Currently available in as low as $24.99 for an entire year of virus protection, it has one of the most attractive offers in the market – especially when considering the amount and quality of the features included. McAfee has upgraded its offering by including many security features from its other products, culminating in a very effective protection suite indeed. Another strong feature is the ability to protect all of your devices, including mobile, making McAfee antivirus protection the right choice if you have additional devices you want to protect from viruses.

Customer Service

As one of the biggest names in virus protection, it’s no surprise that McAfee easily outshines many of its competitors in the customer service department. Customer support is readily available through multiple channels, including phone, e-mail and chat. More impressively, McAfee’s phone support is available in 10 countries and in 5 different languages, while its chat support is the undisputed king at over 20 difference languages. McAfee’s wealth of experience in providing market-leading antivirus protection is clearly felt in its customer support set-up, making this a clear win for us.


There’s no shortage of excellent protection features with McAfee, making it obvious that they fully understand your PC antivirus needs. From the highly-accomplished antivirus core, and all the way to fan-favorite features such as safe password storage, McAfee leaves no stone unturned in its effort to secure your computer or mobile device. In fact, a recent test has revealed that McAfee truly stands at the top of virus protection, beating the industry average in terms of detecting and elimination both known and unknown viruses.

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