Last Updated: May - 15 - 2021


ESET, or Essential Security against Evolving Threats, has been winning awards for its strong antivirus protection software as early as 1998, highlighting ESET’s excellent capabilities in detecting and eliminating all manner of cyber-threats. Today, ESET is offering a wide range of security products that are specifically designed to combat the newest virus, spyware and malware threats. However, a lot of time has passed since then, begging us to take a closer look what ESET’s renowned NOD32 antivirus is capable nearly 20 years later. Is ESET’s varied catalog of advanced security features the right choice for you?

Value For Money

ESET’s antivirus starts at $39.99 for a full year of protection, adding up to just a few dollars per month for top-notch antivirus protection on your PC. Luckily, ESET is sweetening the deal with a $20 discount if you decide to purchase a two-year protection plan. This places ESET comfortably at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, amounting to a very attractive value for money proposition. Unlike many other antivirus software developers, ESET has divided its products based on different features. This makes it cheaper if you don’t require some of the more advanced security features, but makes some of its packages seem less appealing due to the focus on specific features within each product.

Customer Service

We never want to be left without any assistance, making customer support one of the most important aspects to choosing an antivirus. ESET’s support can be reached easily enough through its website, though we wish contacting a human representative didn’t require filling out a somewhat lengthy form. In its favor, ESET’s website includes an exceptionally comprehensive help center, conveniently highlighting some of the most prominent issues and their solutions in the front page. Additionally, support can be contacted with the use of a live-chat feature (available on weekdays until 7 pm in multiple languages).


Compared to other top antivirus software, ESET’s list of features included with their antivirus may seem a bit basic to some. However, upon closer inspection, the full force of its antivirus protection capabilities is immediately apparent. ESET’s NOD32 antivirus focuses on the core essentials of virus protection, offering exceptionally strong capabilities without consuming too many resources or harassing you with endless notifications. It is clear the ESET chose to perfect its antivirus before adding extra features that aren’t a requirement for many users, making it an excellent choice if industry-leading virus protection is the only item on your shopping list.

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