What’s the latest in the world of online vulnerabilities? From viruses and Trojan horses and on to identity theft, computer threats have certainly evolved in some concerning aspects. In this section, we aim to cover the most imminent threats facing you in today’s online world, giving you a better understanding of how to best protect yourself.
Last Updated: Dec - 6 - 2021
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Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi Without Reading this First
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Have you ever used a public Wi-Fi connection? Phone or computer, at your favorite coffee place or at the airport, the use of public Wi-Fi connections carries tremendous risks that shouldn’t be ignored. The first important thing to understand is that using a public Wi-Fi hotspot places you in danger. You may have noticed how convenient it is when all your devices recognize each other through your home network – this is excellent at the safety of your home, but highly undesirable and even harmful when happening in the public space. Continue reading to find out how the very best antivirus software protects you from cyber-predators looking to infiltrate and acquire your most valuable personal information.

Use Your Own Connection

If possible, it is best to avoid public Wi-Fi altogether and stick to your own Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Use public Wi-Fi if you must, but try to minimize your exposure as much as possible.


Don’t Provide Personal Information over Public Wi-Fi

When using a public connection, be sure to avoid browsing websites that require you to provide login details. In some cases, a hacker may be able to intercept your login details, allowing him to access your most sensitive information. Unfortunately, this includes e-mail and social networks, one of the first things we do when we get online.

Just Add the ‘S’

Did you know that accessing websites using HTTPS boosts your security? Just add the ‘S’ to the HTTP at the beginning of the website address to initiate it. Many popular websites, including Facebook, Instagram and Gmail, automatically use HTTPS to protect users.

Get the Right Antivirus

There’s no way around it – the only way to truly protect yourself at all times, including when using a public Wi-Fi hotspot, is to make sure your using one of the top antivirus programs available. The best antivirus software for Windows includes two increasingly important tools: Firewall and VPN. Firewalls come in different configurations, but they all serve the same purpose – to defend you from malicious attempts to access your network data through careful examination of all incoming and outgoing connections. Another feature, usually available with the very top of antivirus software, is a VPN. Shorthand for Virtual Private Network, a VPN adds an additional layer of security by encrypting and rerouting your network data, thereby protecting you from prying eyes.If you want constant antivirus protection, also when using public Wi-Fi, choose one of the top antivirus programs available for your computer. Make sure to select an antivirus with VPN and a firewall for the best security possible.

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