Your Favorite Apps That Put You at Risk

We’re all aware of the many threats you may encounter online, but did you know that some of the most popular desktop apps are a major security concern? You’d be surprised to learn that even if you avoid questionable programs and stick to the most trusted names in computer software, you may still be at risk. These are the biggest security risks you never knew existed and how to make sure you’re protected.

Acrobat Reader

One of the most popular PDF readers in existence, Acrobat Reader and its users have been frequently targeted by hackers. The big surprise surfaced two years ago when 130 vulnerabilities were found in the program, with many more discovered since.


As one of the most popular internet browsers in history, Google’s Chrome is no stranger to malicious cyber-threats. Despite Google’s truly admirable job of addressing new security vulnerabilities, including the rewards it hands out to whoever discovers them, Chrome is a gateway for all kinds of attacks on your computer or private information simply because it is a web browser.


Though mostly working “under the hood” as the backbone of many online activities, Java technology has a problematic reputation with security. It is a prime target for hackers due to its widespread use, many of them taking advantage of the fact the Java updates are relatively infrequent and not automatic, rendering countless computers around the world vulnerable. Hundreds of security flaws were found in recent months alone, leaving Java in a somewhat troubled position. Other companies, such as Google, have already begun taking steps to remove Java from their products in an effort to boost security. Regardless, Java still remains a must in today’s world.


Perhaps the most notorious for its security flaws, Adobe’s Flash technology transformed the way websites presented themselves with exciting animations and new design concepts, but failed to deliver on timely (or effective) security updates. To stress the problem, during a certain period it was recommended to remove Flash altogether from computers until an urgent update arrived.

Stay Protected with an Antivirus

How can we address all of the glaring security risks we can live without? Simple: get one of the top antivirus programs. The best antivirus programs for Windows 10 and Mac automatically scan your computer for threats, monitor all ongoing activity and offer extra features that can keep you protected against the biggest security risks you never knew were already on your computer.

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