Slow Computer? It’s Time to Get It Back on Track

There are few things more infuriating than a slow and sluggish computer, especially when you know there’s still some life left in it. Instead of going all-out and buying a new machine, you should know that whether using a PC or Mac, there are plenty of highly effective ways to boost your computer’s performance to a significant degree, giving you what is essentially the same computer, including all of your files and memories, but with buttery-smooth performance you deserve.

Diagnose the Problem

There are plenty of reasons for a computer to slow down over time. Identifying the culprit is a necessary first step before attempting to resolve the issue and regain your computer’s performance.

The first are useless background processes – These seemingly-harmless buggers can seriously bog down performance by using up processing power and memory, leaving little room for what you actually want to get done. Second, you must consider your hard-drive’s free space which can be easily consumed by countless temporary files that have long out-stayed their welcome. Another likely issue could be the state of your hard-drive; if left unchecked, both Windows and OSX users are likely to find out that over time, error in a drive’s read/write may result in fragmented and even corrupted memory sectors, leading to shockingly slow performance. Lastly, we must consider virus and/or malware infection, which can not only slow your computer down, but can lead to a truly devastating outcome in some cases.

Fixing Your Slow Computer

Each of these issues can be handled manually, although some users may find it a bit advanced in terms of the skill they require, if they can even be fixed at all. Luckily, PC and Mac users have a simple solution – use an antivirus. Some of the premier antiviruses come equipped with the exact tools needed to boost your computer’s performance by fixing the issues mentioned above, including powerful disk utilities that can fix your hard-drive. More importantly, you’ll be defending yourself against one of the biggest threats to your computer – virus and malware infections, all with a single solution.

Keep in mind that some antiviruses don’t include performance-boosting utilities and may therefore be of limited value to you. We recommend using our Antivirus Comparison Tool to determine which is best suited for your needs.

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This article is provided by our team of content writers for informational purposes and should not be relied upon as a professional advice.