Are You Infected with Spyware? Take the Test & Find Out

Spyware, one of the biggest online threats to your personal information, has been alarmingly found on 90% of U.S. home computer. Spyware, as the name suggests, works by spying on you. This is a small piece of software designed to steal your personal information through your internet connection. Most spyware is used to expose you to ads or track your activities, but some pose a very real risk of identity theft.

Continue reading to find out how top antivirus programs keep you protected from one of the biggest threats in the internet.

There are a number of excellent indicators for the existence of spyware on your computer, giving you an excellent opportunity to find out if someone’s been spying on you. Even if you’ve found out you may be carrying spyware, don’t worry – there’s a swift and definite solution to all your spyware problems!

Strange Skype

For some reason, popular voice chatting application Skype has been a favorite target for hackers. Have you received strange messages with dubious links, or perhaps told by a friend that they’ve received such messages from you? Worse yet, have you clicked the links? It’s time to skip straight to the bottom of this page and solve your spyware problem now!

Weird Search Results, Popups, Toolbars & Home Page

Has your default search engine changed without any warning? Is your internet browser cluttered with Toolbars you never installed? This is a very common form of spyware. These spywares usually focus on financial gain for the attacker through elaborate ad placement tools. Most commonly seen as a toolbar that’s been added to your browser, spyware of this variety takes over your screen to display ads. The cleverest of these make ads look like a natural part of the websites you’re visiting, making them hard to detect. In other cases, your search results may be altered or delivered through a different search engine, all designed to make your time online as profitable as possible for the attacker.

Unfamiliar Files

Has your desktop been graced with additional files or icons you’ve never heard of before? Congratulations, you may be harboring spyware on your computer. A great way to make sure your mind isn’t playing tricks on you is to delete the file. If it magically returns within a few days, skip directly to the next section to cleanse your system of spyware.

Dealing with Spyware Successfully

Have you seen signs of spyware on your computer? No need to worry: the solution is simple, effective and will keep you safe from the most dangerous online threats. Spyware can be easily handled by most antivirus software. We recommend going for the top antivirus programs, as they offer additional features that will truly upgrade your online security, in some cases covering your entire range of devices in one convenient package!

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