2019’s Biggest Online Threats

The seedy underworld of computer viruses is ever-evolving, constantly changing and adapting to overcome new security measures at an alarming rate. The only way to make sure you’re equipped with the latest and greatest online protection is with one of the top antivirus programs designed for one purpose only: to keep you out of harm’s way.


One the most problematic threats of all is malware. Thanks to today’s convenient means of data transfer, malware has the potential of infecting countless computers, especially when Symantec Corp., one of the biggest names in virus protection, reported that roughly 75% of all online websites have some form of security flaw making them (and you) vulnerable to attack. The same report revealed that over 1 million attacks on internet users were carried out on a daily basis.

Identity Theft

These two words get us nervous every time we hear them, and for good reason. The potential damage of being hit with identity theft is enormous, starting with having someone tie your name to their debts and ending with a complete takeover of your identity. While not entirely new as a crime, the online form of this attack is often carried out through Spyware, specialized tools designed to spy over your activity and transmit your usernames and passwords. These are often called “Keyloggers” thanks to their ability to record your every keystroke. Luckily, top antivirus software is highly effective at detecting this activity and eliminating it from your computer.

Spear Phishing

An evolved form of classical phishing, spear phishing is far more dangerous because it specifically targets groups of people with careful thought put into them. While regular phishing often involves mass sending of fake login pages designed to capture your login info, spear phishing instead tailors itself to your behavior. One such example is an e-mail distributed between co-workers on a seemingly legitimate matter, only to include a security threat meant to infiltrate as many computers as possible.

These are the latest developments in online threats. While definitely scary, the solution has remained simple. Antivirus software has greatly improved and continues to do so at a steady pace: with every new threat, an antidote is delivered. As a regular computer user, all we can do is make sure we use a reputable antivirus that includes automatic updates and as many additional features as possible. Check out our 2019 antivirus reviews to find the best antivirus for you!

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